Retrenchment, Day 21

No retrenchment news today, which is a bit of a relief. It's the third day of classes -- hopefully the controller that drives the projector in the lecture hall I'll be using at ten has been fixed or reprogrammed as promised. I'll go a bit early to make sure. Did not get an email from IT Services as promised, letting me know of the outcome. If it isn't working, I will tell my students to watch the lecture video that I include in the section header of the ebook. And I will raise a little hell. Since I'm a short-timer, I suppose I'm a bit less concerned about stepping on toes.

But on a positive note, I've been trading emails with my friend in Mankato about planning what I'll talk about at the meeting in late September. I sent my travel request for OE Global to my Department Chair. And I followed the example my friend Chris Aldrich and decided to own my own web identity. So I bought a domain ( and a current copy of Rapidweaver, and I'll be putting up my own website in the near future. I'm going to continue posting stuff on Substack and YouTube, but I'll give it a permanent home, too.

An interesting and fun element of this was that when I downloaded the updated Rapidweaver (which is ironically now called "Classic") I was able to open all the old website folders I have made over the years. Holy crap! I have written a lot of book and article reviews and blog posts about the state of Higher Ed and all kinds of other topics, over the years. It's kind of cool to look at them again and see what ideas I've been working on for a longer time than I remembered. And how some ideas have developed and changed over time. I'll probably create some type of archive for some of this content, so people don't have to find it on the wayback machine. I'll be using the pages to remind myself of things I had identified as interesting topics for later (you may have noticed I sometimes say that in my book reviews). A lot of these notes are not part of my note-making content, so I'll also probably begin adding some of this info to my Obsidian vault. So you'll probably be seeing the results of this in both the Historiography and in the Note-making sections.

Link to YouTube: