Living History

Launched a new page, about our experiences with Living History. Lots of slideshows and videos, which I'm posting as I complete them. The first set will be from our family Fourth of July experience -- an immersion into 1802 pioneering on the upstate New York frontier. Among them, one of me learning a little blacksmithing.

What does a million look ilike?

I don't know what a million looks like. But I know what 10,000 looks like. As in, 5 tons of wood pellets, in 250 bags. From point A to point B in just over 90 minutes...

Pioneer Experience

Spent the 4th of July with the whole family, as usual. But to change things up a little, we all spent the weekend in a log cabin in upstate New York, living as if it was 1802 (or so) on the Pioneer Farm at the Genesee Country Village and Museum.

We all lived in a single room that probably measured no more than 14x20 feet. We slept in beds we’d roped ourselves, on mattresses we’d stuffed with straw in the barn. We cooked on an open hearth, thankfully with the help of Aunt Marie, the Director of the Pioneer Farmstead.

The Museum was open over the Fourth weekend, of course. So technically, we were one of the exhibits. And this place gets a LOT of traffic (a regular patron told me he’d recently been to Williamsburg, and was disappointed because Genesee had set his expectations so high. I’ve never been to Williamsburg, but I can believe it -- Genesee is that good). But before opening at 10:00 AM and after closing at 5:00, we had the Village to ourselves. We fetched our own water, fed the animals, read (and wrote with quills and ink) by candle and firelight, learned how to shoot a 1793 “Brown Bess” flintlock, and even made a few nails at the village blacksmith shop. But that's just the tip of the iceberg (ice would have been nice...did I mention it was HOT!!)

The place is fantastic, but it’s the people that really make it great. The clothes were REALLY HOT!! I’ll be writing more about the whole experience, and setting up a permanent page with slide-shows and videos. That may take a few days, as we sort through the thousand-plus pics and videos we took...but in the meantime, here were our thoughts as we were leaving, before we even changed out of our HOT period costumes: