Under London

Every once in a while, Boing Boing comes across something really cool and unique, that I never would have seen otherwise. I'm a big fan of What's under London. But not because I've spent any time in London (yet) -- mostly from books like Quicksilver and Neverwhere. Actually, aside from Gatwick and Victoria station, all the time I've spent in London has been underground. But it hasn't been very much, and it wasn't nearly as scenic as the stuff posted by the guys at Sleepycity.net. I just flew in, got to the station, and started using my Britrail pass. Never saw the city.
The Sleepy City guys (who I gather are originally from down under) have apparently been doing daring (and more or less illegal) trespass-photography for years now, in London, Paris, and assorted other places (their site sports a map). It loads slow, so I guess it's across the water somewhere, but click on the pics anyway. In addition to the regular sewers (above) and the London tube, they've been in the River Fleet. Yeah, I said The FLEET!

Tinderbox again

I posted a Tinderbox historiographical map on the THS blog, which got some positive comments. I sent Mark Bernstein a heads-up and he posted it on his blog. Will post the whole, updated map soon on the Comps. Reading page -- I'm hoping to figure out a way to make it live...


My first post on The Historical society's blog, about regular people's reading habits in American History.