Writing Handbook is done!

A Short Handbook for writing essays in the Humanities and Social Sciences
by Salvatore F. Allosso and Dan Allosso

A practical, step-by-step guide to writing college-level essays. By two people with the right experience:

Salvatore F. Allosso, Ph.D. is a master teacher of language and literature, with over 40 years experience teaching high school students and undergraduates. His original version of this book has been in continuous use at a major West-Coast university for the past twenty years.

Dan Allosso, Ph.D. (ABD) is a writer and historian. He is the author of an award-winning young adult novel,
Outside the Box, and is currently teaching undergrads at an East-Coast university while completing his dissertation and working on several fiction and non-fiction projects.

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OTB get's Kindled!

Outside the Box, my young adult novel, is now available as a Kindle Book on Amazon. I was thinking of publishing it in some other ebook formats, but they don’t look as good. So I went ahead and used Kindle.

I’m really impressed with Amazon’s publishing services. I’ll be writing more about that in the next few days, as I prepare
A Short Handbook for writing essays in the Humanities and Social Sciences for publication. Stay tuned…it should be shipping by the end of next week.

What's Dan been up to?

Photo on 8-4-11 at 2.07 PM
A little quiet, because I’ve been pushing pretty hard to get through transcribing the rest of my primary sources for the dissertation. I’m trying to get them all done in the next couple of weeks, and simultaneously build a chronological outline of them. So from there, it should be a lot easier to connect the dots, and put things into some reasonable order.

There are still surprises in these documents — especially in the personal letters. I’m looking forward to each new folder, hoping of find something really unexpected.

Tomorrow’s Friday, so I ought to be finishing up another chapter of Environmental History. It’s getting about time I started trying to get this in front of some high school and home school teachers, too. And the writing manual…maybe the graphic novel will have to wait a bit…