Wind in NH!

On the way to watch the horse skijoring at the 93rd annual Newport NH winter festival (longest-running winter fest in the US), we happened upon these really cool windmills in Lempster, NH.

Went online to find out what’s up, and I really couldn’t find out a lot of good information, because the web was swamped with BS from a group that calls itself the “Industrial Wind Action Group.” Apparently these folks are up in arms at the idea that America is going to pollute its environment with wind energy stations.


Their website says “Industrial Wind Action Group seeks to promote knowledge and raise awareness of the risks and damaging environmental impacts of industrial wind energy development. Information and analysis on the subject is available through its website,” I wonder where they get their funding…

It’s clear where they get their science, though. From the people who brought you the arguments for “Clean Coal.” The folks against the turbines on Lempster Mountain were supposedly afraid a turbine blade would break loose and land in granny’s bedroom. Hmm…I wonder how they’d feel about a coal-fired plant or a nuke in their neighborhood. Oh wait, that’s the difference! Those dirty, dangerous power plants are always in someone else’s neighborhood. Not to mention those nasty mines. When you think about the number of people we’ve gotten used to dying for the coal power industry, it makes the whining of the anti-wind folks sound a little weak, doesn’t it?

In any case, they got it done somehow. In spite of the fake environmentalists and concerned grandchildren who tried to block it. Way to go, Lempster!