My letter to my congresspsople

Dear Representative Bass,

The internet has evolved rapidly and in unexpected ways over the years, precisely because it has been relatively unhindered by top-down control. PIPA and SOPA are ill-conceived bills that will not only FAIL to stop the types of offshore abuses they are ostensibly designed to address, but they will stifle the free exchange of ideas and rapid evolution that the web has been all about.

Imagine if Soviet central planners of the 1970s had gained control of the internet. The people running big media and the telecoms are no smarter.

Freedom of speech is more important than an occasional copyright dispute in which a billionaire somewhere feels he's been robbed by some penniless high-school blogger. The internet is the modern-day equivalent of the presses that people like Thomas Paine published their pamphlets on in the 1770s. Don't go down in history as being against "Common Sense."


Dan Allosso, PhD
author, history teacher